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I was hoping to see a larger blog post at TechFlash on the OVP summit John Cook attended yesterday, but it didn’t happen, so here’s an unedited copy of John Cook’s twitter feed (@johnhcook). There was some really interesting notes that may be of interest to entreprenuers that deserves to be preserved before it scrolls […]


Congrats to Leo and his team, its always good to see a friend launch a startup, especially one that is very nicely done! Yesterday GetHundos launched their limited beta, not limited in functionality, but limited to UW students to help seed the community with some critical mass. To begin, you’ll need to have a UW […]

Crush or Flush did a press release on a new advertising feature that we officially launched last week – Golden Ticket. We had a successful trial with our v-day promo where advertisers got their product in front of users to Crush or Flush their product. Golden ticket is a form of interstitial survey advertising where […]

The CEO of Redfin shares his financial model and the real numbers for the last 2 years. Very interesting data indeed, even if you just read it for the data points. The estimates were deliberately made to look worst so that they can utter the words “we beat projections” when it comes to funding later […]

Very nicely written article on the jump from a big company, Microsoft, to a small startup… pretty much sums up the same things I’ve said when people (outside MS) ask WHY?

Really good panel on doing a startup on the cheap… Best line: “North of 5 million a year, a billion page views a month, no employees” – Markus Frind, Founder,