GetHundos beta launched


Congrats to Leo and his team, its always good to see a friend launch a startup, especially one that is very nicely done!

Yesterday GetHundos launched their limited beta, not limited in functionality, but limited to UW students to help seed the community with some critical mass.

To begin, you’ll need to have a UW email address to signup.  You are then presented with a topic of the day, and the person with the wittiest response wins cold hard cash – US$100 – not virtual gifts, not virtual dollars, not virtual anything, real cash…

Wittiest responses are determined by the community through digg style voting system with a added twist called supervotes (+10 votes) and bombs (-10 votes).  Your wittiest responses are limited to 160 characters, nobody wants to read an essay, and you can attach a photo to help illustrate.

You also have a feed, which tells you everyone that +/- voted you, supervote or bombed you.  This feed allows you to build a friend / rival network, which is encouraged with the ability to hate on someone or become their friend.  The bigger your network, the more likely you are to win…

Keep an eye out on: as they open up their beta…

Side thought: Supervote and bombs (could this be the solution to pay for clicks on digg?).  It isn’t clear how you get more bombs and supervotes, but I suspect it will be an item for sale.  Not sure if you can supervote yourself, but that would be revenue generator in the future that can grow as they get more users/votes.  +10 votes is only meaningful now with yesterdays winner – winning it with 27 votes, buy 3 supervotes and you earned yourself $100, but down the line when winners have votes of 500+, that’ll cost you some real money to buy enough supervotes.  This effective stops sites that exist purely to buy votes on sites like digg unless their pricing is out of wack to the market rate.


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