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today Josh, our VP of marketing began our press tour for, we saw some early press coverage from John Cook’s Venture Blog, PRWeb Podcast and Komo 1000 news radio

100,000+ users


today we hit 100,000+ users, we did this in less than 90 days since launch – on a graph this definitely looks like the hockey stick that most startups try to mimic as soon as launch. In these 90 days we added wml support, cartoon masking for dirty words, some light ux redesign and upgraded […]


yesterday we deployed some new wml changes to our visitor sign up page to make it more intuitive and easier for users to complete the sign up process (basically give us your phone number) and today the results are in, we immediately doubled our past average 7 daily sign up – now thats the power […]

after upgrading my new mac from 10.4.8 to 10.4.9, the wifi has decided to stop detecting any networks – absolute silence.  after rebooting 10 times, it may begin to work again, but after i put the mac to sleep or shutdown, its back to silence… checking the forums, there is a long thread with many […]